SIRL is a contemporary Australian men's swim short brand that embodies a fun, fresh & effortless style, launched in January 2022. 

A relaxed look meets an abstract and bold vintage vibe. Attention to detail, a mix of colour & print– the authentic SIRL aesthetic.

Our premium swim shorts are designed & made in small limited edition runs in Sydney, Australia, from high quality recycled materials. Each SIRL short is a unique, one of a kind premium statement piece.

Our founder, Sarah Leslie now resides in Tamworth, regional NSW, after spending the last 10+ years living in Sydney and London. SIRL is created from the initials of Sarah’s name - the brand embodies her love of the water, the Australian environment and colourful textiles. 

SIRLS bespoke prints are digitally painted by Sarah, inspired by the Australian lifestyle & environment. From the coast to the outback, road trips from the city to the country influence many of the designs. 

A graduate of the UNSW / COFA, Sarah has worked with leading fashion designers both locally and internationally. A passionate environmentalist, Sarah employs state-of-the-art methods in creating bespoke recycled fabrics, all individually handcrafted to her exacting specifications.